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Free-of-Charge Web Hosting

Owning a site is so vital nowadays, that you cannot help but be tempted to build one for yourself. Wanna create a family-oriented site? Or a web portal that you can earn some money with? However, you do not actually wish to invest cash in it as of now? Yes, there is a solution, and it is called free web hosting.

Why is the Free-of-Charge Hosting Service Free?

free hosting services are offered by web hosts, which understand that not all people can afford to invest money in a web site hosting account. These hosts, though, are not charitable foundations, so ads are typically displayed at the top or at the bottom of your site so they can cover the costs associated with the provision of the cost-free website hosting service. When you are building just a family-oriented site, or a web page with links and with even more ads on it than those put by the free web hosting corporation, you can't really complain.

Limitations of the Free-of-Charge Website Hosting Solution

If you are availing of a charge-free website hosting service, there naturally are more limitations than if you were paying for the web site hosting service. The disk drive space and monthly bandwidth quotas, for instance, are usually rather limited, and with certain free web hosting distributors, you cannot have databases. Frequently there is no email service available in order to inhibit spammers from misusing the service.

What if the Free-of-Cost Web Hosting Service is Insufficient?

If you reckon that you have outgrown your cost-free hosting account, or you have become sick and tired of noticing adverts on your site, you can upgrade your free-of-charge web site hosting account for an inconsiderable sum. You can remove the adverts only for an even more insignificant fee. One such web hosting services provider that gives you such possibilities is FreeHostia, and they also deliver cut-price web hosting plans to which you may migrate in case you would like to enlarge your website and set up a database, or have your own email boxes managed by yourself. Moreover, their web site hosting packages include extra bonuses, such as: the Elefante free PHP script installation tool, which you can make use of to easily install PHP-driven scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and many others; an online web site building tool; and a free-of-charge domain - with their professional Webmaster and Advanced hosting plans. You can begin with a cost-free web site hosting package, but can upgrade at any moment, depending on your requirements.

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