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Valentino Valentina

Valentino presents their perfume Valentina in the middle of September 2011. The fragrance was created with the assistance of both Puig perfumers Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp. The inspiration for Valentino is Italy and especially Rome. The city is famous for its history, romance and sense of women’s fashion.
The person of the advertising campaign is the Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen. The beauty runs away from the celebration, which was prepared for her at home to go to a party. There, she laughs and fun in the company of his beloved. The pictures were shot by the photographer David Sims.

Lanvin Marry Me! Love Edition

Nearly two years after the perfume Marry Me (August 2010), Lanvin launches new limited edition Marry Me! Love Edition. The new fragrance was created especially for Valentine’s Day. The perfumer, who invented the composition of this incredibly romantic perfume is again Antoine Maisondieu. Marry Me! Love Edition is presented as “an ode to love and to humor dedicated to all the lovers of fashion.”
The creation of a new fragrance was inspired not only by the love trembling and innocent enthusiasm. In Marry Me! Love Edition amorous feelings are combined with the joy, laughter, and optimism. The emphasis is on the experience of being with people you love. Last but not least are the fashion and style. The class of this perfume evident in that the except charming, he is very delicate, sophisticated, and fine.

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose

Lancome presents its perfume Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose in September 2011. The perfumer behind the creation of the fragrance is Anne Flipo. The perfume is a great addition to the series Tresor. Tresor was first created in 1990 by Sophia Grojsman. Tresor Midnight Rose contains notes of juicy, unfolding itself more generous than the original version.
The idea for its creation was to recreate the French romance, to make women feel not only beautiful, but as a true fashion icon.
The advertising campaign was shot in Paris, the best way to feel the spirit, strength, beauty and magic of the city. The photographer Mario Testino and the model Emma Watson managed to transport us there in Paris atmosphere and provide fragrance in the most convincing way. The English actress and model has very sophisticated and elegant appearance of the pictures. However in her eyes shines, hope, longing and love. The purple shades embrace both busy night and the memories of two lovers. The video ends with the words ‘’it’s not the end’’.

Lancome Tresor in Love

Lancome launches its fragrance Tresor in Love at the end of March 2010. Its creators are the perfumers Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg.
The fragrance follows the line of the original Tresor. Tresor was first created back in 1990 by Sophia Grojsman. The advertising face was the beautiful Isabella Rossellini. The face of Tresor in Love is the daughter of Isabella Rossellini – charming Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann. The time has not changed the eyes of Lancome to how a love was born. The plot in both ads is the same. Beautiful woman, attracted man, they both desire each other from a distance. Against the backdrop of soft music, they manage to get together to experience love.

Lancome Attraction

Lancome Attraction presents its fragrance in 2003. Its founders are the two perfumers Daniela Roche-Andrier and Christian Biecher. For the composition of the fragrance they use one of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery – iris flower.
The photos for the advertising campaign are extremely sensual. The emphasis is on the two naked bodies, male and female, which are irresistibly attracted. The insights are sealed between the two eyes whispering … Then following gentle, yet bold touch of skin, caresses become more violent. Of course, the “culprit” for this turbulent passion is the perfume Attraction. The advertising face is the beautiful French actress Eva Green.